How to Remove a TI-84 From Test Mode

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If you have a TI-84 graphing calculator, you may be required to put it into test mode using the TI TestGuard app for various standardized tests.
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If you have a TI-84 graphing calculator, you may be required to put it into test mode using the TI TestGuard app for various standardized tests. This will make it impossible to use or create programs and applications on the calculator during the test. Once the test is over, you can remove it from test mode by connecting it to a second calculator.


TI-84 Calculators and Standardized Tests

The TI-84 is a common graphing calculator produced by Texas Instruments. It's widely used in high schools and colleges by students learning math, as it makes it possible to do trigonometry calculations, graph equations and perform other mathematical functions.

Many state and local tests allow students to use graphing calculators but generally provide some restrictions on exactly what they can do so that students can't just use the TI-84 Program Editor or a similar tool to write programs to essentially solve common problems on the test. To enforce these rules, Texas Instruments provides a test mode on its calculator that locks out access to applications and user-written programs during the test and generally locks the calculator into either degree or radian mode for measuring angles.


Exactly what test mode settings are necessary depends on the parameters of the test. Contact your state testing agency if you're not sure or, if you're a student taking an ordinary classroom test, work with your teacher to configure your calculator appropriately.

Getting Out of Test Mode

Once a calculator is in test mode, it's often not possible to access the programs and apps on the device. But when the test is over, you or your student will want to be able to access these features again.


To remove a calculator from test mode, connect it to a second calculator with a calculator-to-calculator connection cable as you would to send files. Do not use the USB cable you would use to connect the calculator to a computer with the TI Connect software. On the locked calculator, use the 2nd LINK button to go to the SEND / RECEIVE screen and highlight RECEIVE. On the other calculator, use the same button to go to the same SEND / RECEIVE screen and highlight SEND.

Press the Enter key on the locked calculator. On the other calculator, scroll down to option 4:LIST in the menu and press Enter. Press the right arrow key to highlight TRANSMIT. Press Enter on the locked calculator, then press Enter on the other calculator. When the calculator is restored to normal operation, both calculators will display the message DONE.


Unlocking Multiple Calculators

If you are a teacher unlocking student calculators after a test, you can repeat this process for each calculator or have students unlock each other's devices.

If you're a student who doesn't have a second calculator and your calculator wasn't unlocked after a test, find a teacher or fellow student with a calculator and unlock your own calculator. If you're not sure whether it's OK to unlock your calculator at a particular point in class, ask your teacher.