How to Remove a TI-84 From Test Mode

By Mandy Slake

The Texas Instruments TI-84 has a special testing mode called Press-to-Test. When Press-to-Test mode is enabled, the calculator cannot run Flash applications. The applications are still on the calculator, but they are inaccessible. Press-to-Test mode is intended to prevent students from running unauthorized programs on their TI-84 during tests. After the test is over, the applications become available when Press-to-Test mode is disabled.

Things You'll Need

  • I/O or USB unit-to-unit cable
  • Another TI-84

Step 1

Plug the USB or I/O data cable into the data port of both calculators.

Step 2

Press the "2nd" key on the first TI-84, then press the "LINK" button. Highlight "Receive" but do not press "ENTER."

Step 3

Press the "2nd" key on the second TI-84, and press the "LINK" button. "Send" is enabled by default.

Step 4

Press the "ENTER" button on the first TI-84.

Step 5

Select "4:LIST" on the second TI-84 to display a list, then press the "ENTER" key. Press the right arrow key to highlight the "TRANSMIT" option.

Step 6

Press the "ENTER" key on the first TI-84, then press the "ENTER" key on the second TI-84. Both calculators will display "Waiting." If the calculators ask you to overwrite the variable, accept the overwrite.

Step 7

Wait until both calculators display "Done" before disconnecting the cable.

Tips & Warnings

  • Teachers can disable Press-to-Test using the TESTGUARD 2.0 application. Connect the disabled TI-84 to the instructor's calculator and open the TESTGUARD 2.0 application. Select option "4:RE-ENABLE" to turn off Press-to-Test on the disabled calculator.