How to Troubleshoot a Jawbone Headset That Won't Charge

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If your headset refuses to charge, the problem may be with the cable, the port or the device itself.
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Jawbone Bluetooth headsets have won dozens of awards since 2004 and provide cutting-edge technology, but if you are unable to charge your ERA, ICON or other Jawbone device, its advanced features are essentially worthless. When the battery life does not increase after charging or the LED light does not pulse red or glow solid red (depending on the model) while connected to the charger, troubleshooting for potential causes can help you determine and resolve the problem.


Step 1

Check the connection. Make sure the cable is securely connected to both the headset and the USB port, wall charger or vehicle socket, if using a car charger. Swap out the cable or adapter, as well; Jawbone headsets use standard USB connections and are compatible with most cell phone adapters.


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Step 2

Check the power source. If you are using a car charger, make sure the ignition is turned on or try another socket. Plug something else into the wall outlet or USB port that you can easily check, such as a lamp or other lighted device to make sure the outlet or port is functioning properly.


Step 3

Try a different method. If you are using a car charger, connect the headset to a USB. If you are using a USB, try a wall charger, and so on.


Step 4

Perform a soft reset. Connect the headset to the charger and connect the charger to a power source. Press and hold the "Talk" button until the LED light turns solid red. Release the button and attempt to charge the headset once more.

Step 5

Contact Jawbone support. If none of the troubleshooting methods resolve the issue, your headset may be defective or damaged.



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