How to Know When an iPhone Is Fully Charged

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The iPhone, made by Apple, is a multimedia and cell phone device. On a regular basis, your iPhone will need to be recharged. Depending on the amount of current charge on the phone, charging your iPhone may take up to an hour.


Step 1

Plug the charger that came with your iPhone into the device and an electrical source.

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Step 2

Leave the phone alone while it charges. It will take longer to charge if you are using some of its charge to operate the machine.


Step 3

Check the battery icon in the top right corner of the iPhone. This will show either if the iPhone is "Charging" or has "Charged." The icon will be a lightning bolt when the phone is charging and an electrical plug when its fully charged. A percentage of charge will be shown on iPhone 3GS only.


Step 4

Disconnect your iPhone from the charger and disconnect the charger from the electrical source.



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