Types of Cell Towers

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Cell phone towers give cell phones their calling ranges.

Everywhere you look, you will find people talking on their cell phones. Due to the popularity of cell phones, cell phone towers have also popped up everywhere you look. However, not all cell phone towers are the same. There are four different types of cell phone towers that companies use to transmit their signals.


Lattice Tower

A lattice tower is often called a self-supporting tower. Lattice towers are generally made out of steel and offer the most stability of the cell phone tower types. A lattice tower can be found in either a square or a triangular shape. The lattice towers offer the most flexibility of all of the cell tower types.


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Monopole Tower

As the name implies, a monopole tower features a single tubular mast. Because of their instability, a monopole typically does not exceed 200 feet high. However, these towers require the least amount of space on the ground. The antennas are mounted on the exterior of this type of tower.


Guyed Tower

Guyed towers are similar to a monopole tower in that they consist of a single tubular mast. However, a guyed tower utilizes guy wires to help with stability. These guy wires require a larger piece of land for the tower to rest on. This type of tower is often the cheapest to build, especially at heights over 300 feet.


Stealth Towers

Because of zoning codes, stealth towers are sometimes required. These towers are built various different ways to ensure that they blend in with their surroundings. This stealth feature means that this type of tower is more expensive to build. Due to the fact that these towers are often smaller, they generally do not offer the same coverage as the other types of towers.