Types of Spreadsheets

Spreadsheets, also called worksheets, allow for the creation and organization of tables and data. Most spreadsheet editing is now performed using computer software, such as Microsoft Excel or Apple Numbers. While you could feasibly create a spreadsheet for anything, there are certain types of spreadsheets commonly used to provide such versatility.

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Types of Spreadsheets
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Two-Dimensional Spreadsheets

Two-dimension spreadsheets consist of "cells"-a box holding one piece of data-arranged in rows and columns like a table.

Three-Dimensional Spreadsheets

Modern spreadsheet applications allow for more than one two-dimensional "sheet," effectively stacking related spreadsheets on top of each other and introducing a third dimension.

Arithmetic Spreadsheets

Spreadsheets often utilize arithmetic functions, such as automatically adding up all the values of one particular column. These functions are necessary for budget and invoice spreadsheets, for example.

Logical Spreadsheets

Some spreadsheets utilize logic functions, rather than arithmetic functions, to allow for deductive reasoning.

Object-Oriented Spreadsheets

Instead of using two-dimensional cells, some spreadsheets are organized by objects, which are variables with a number of attributes attached. This allows the data to be viewed, analyzed and mapped in a number of different ways.