Where Is the RAM Located in Your Computer?

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Understanding the purposes and locations of your computer hardware not only give you the ability to save money on upgrades and repairs but also the added pride of being the one to do it. PC RAM is one of the most beneficial upgrades a computer owner can make from a cost vs performance standpoint.



Understanding the internal layout of your computer system allows you to make upgrades and replace faulty parts without having to pay a technician.

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While there are many types of RAM the connective seat for computer memory is easily identifiable and almost exclusively located in the upper right corner of any consumer level motherboard. These slots are long slender grooves with the width of only a few millimeters.



The locating of RAM in this region of the motherboard is recommended in the ATX form factor to ensure end user upgradability.


RAM is measured based on the number of interface pins the memory uses to connect with the system. The pin number ranges in size from 100 to 240 pins depending on the type of RAM in use.




When removing or seating RAM modules it is important to remember they are keyed for their slot. You should not use excessive force when adding ram to a computer as it can damage the memory and the motherboard.




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