Why Is My LCD TV Blinking?

An LCD television uses liquid-crystal display technology to project an image onto the screen. While LCD TVs are eye-catching and offer many viewing capabilities, they sometimes experience issues with blinking or flickering.

Image Credit: AnaBGD/iStock/Getty Images


A blinking LCD television means the image on the screen is flickering in and out, creating a strobe effect. The experience causes you to see quick flashes of black. With LCD televisions, bouts of blinking may occur infrequently for no significant reason, which you can remedy by turning the power off and on again. However, blinking that occurs for long periods is symptomatic of a problem.


Occasionally, an electrical problem related to the power source can cause a blinking LCD television. You should try unplugging the television and plugging it into a new outlet to see if the blinking ceases.


A backlight built into the television illuminates the screen's liquid crystals. When the backlight malfunctions and no longer effectively lights the liquid crystals, it causes the image on the screen to blink.