Security Certificate Problems When Linking to Facebook

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Learn to discern actual security threats from false alarms by examining SSL certificates.
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Many popular Web browsers -- including Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer -- will screen websites like Facebook to verify their identity. An SSL certificate is a unique marker that helps legitimate websites prove that they are safe and valid. Certificate errors might indicate that you are connecting to another website posing as Facebook. However, there are many other factors that can trigger a false certificate alert.


Browser Safeguards

Browser and certificates are made with your best interests in mind. If a certificate is expired, doesn't match the identity of the website or raises other alarms, your browser will display a warning message before loading the website. This can help protect you against malicious connections to website impersonators who want to collect your personal information. This hacking practice is known as "phishing." Before proceeding beyond a certificate warning, check the URL to make sure it's actually If there is a brand misspelling or an unrecognizable address, you may be trying to log into a Facebook impersonator.

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Operating System Glitches

Sometimes Windows time zone settings will cause a false alarm. If your time settings aren't accurate, your browser will mark security certificates as expired. You can resolve this issue by right-clicking on your toolbar clock and choosing "Adjust Time/Date." Next, click on "Change Date and Time." Set the accurate date and time, and then press "OK."


Domain Mismatch

Domain name mismatch errors can sometimes cause Facebook certificate alerts. Check the URL again to make sure that you are actually visiting Sometimes when a website is undergoing maintenance or changing its certificate configurations, users will receive these errors. If Facebook is experiencing a domain mismatch, it is something that the company must resolve on their end.



SSL Certificate Error Details

If certificate errors persist when you try to load Facebook, you can view additional information to determine the cause of the warning. Attempt to reload the website in a browser such as Firefox, Safari or Chrome. View more details about a warning by clicking the "Details" expansion on the error window. Clear reasons, such as a domain mismatch or an expired certificate, will be outlined here. If you are absolutely sure that you are actually connecting to Facebook, then you may opt to ignore the warning and click "Continue."



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