Smart Refrigerators You Need in Your Life

Think about how many times you open your refrigerator in a day. Ten times? Twenty times? Seventy five times? No matter what your guess is, the answer is probably a lot, because that's where the food and drinks live.

Point is, you spend a lot of time in and around your refrigerator, so it might as well be awesome, right? We've found two of the sleekest, most tech-savvy, top-of-the line smart refrigerators on the market—just in case you feel like upgrading. Obviously you don't need a smart fridge (and you definitely don't need two of them), but if you have the budget for one, it might be worth the splurge.

Check them out.

LG Smart InstaView

The LG Smart InstaView has many different models available so you can choose one that will fit your kitchen perfectly. A translucent glass panel allows you to see the inside of the fridge without opening it. Just knock twice on the glass and the lights will turn on. It's pretty much magic.

It comes with a large touchscreen, which offers full Alexa integration—meaning, you'll be able to use the voice assistant to order groceries, look at tons of recipes, start a to-do list, etc. It'll even allow you to use your fridge to control your smart home.

Available for around $4,200 (depending on the model you choose) here.

Samsung Family Hub

Possibly the most attractive and most fully featured fridge in existence. The Samsung Family Hub comes equipped with a WiFi-enabled touchscreen and built-in cameras so you can know exactly what you need to buy from the store (or don't need to buy). There's also an option for direct grocery ordering and a feature that will give you endless recipes.

You can stream music, videos, mirror your TV, coordinate multiple calendars, show off photos and leave notes for your family members. It's like having a smartphone attached to your fridge—a really big smartphone. It's basically a home entertainment center and refrigerator all in one.

Available for purchase at Home Depot in black stainless or stainless for $3,886.