'80s Tech Toys That Were Super High Tech at the Time

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boom box
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The '80s gave us some gems: the fashion, the music, the attitudes, the toys, scrunchies and all the technology that seemed super high tech at the time.


There were so many firsts when it came to technology. And although those firsts might seem irrelevant now, they were the beginning of some amazing technological developments to come.

So because we love the '80s and tech toys, here are some of the best, most high tech toys that existed back then.


Sony Walkman

The first ever cassette player that was as small as the cassette case. If you had a Walkman, you were the epitome of cool.

But then again, it didn't take much to be pretty rad in the '80s.


Nintendo NES

Words cannot express the importance of Nintendo NES to the '80s. It brought us endless hours of entertainment and the best video games ever invented.

It was the coolest thing to happen since Atari and was a major step up in the technology (and time-wasting) department.


Speak and Spell

Brought to us by Texas Instrument. Kid tested, parent approved. It was a fun and educational way to learn how to spell while feeling like you were playing a game.

The best part of Speak and Spell was getting a word correct, and hearing the positive robotic affirmation. It's the little things.



Basically the world's first robot that was accessible to any kid whose parent was willing to buy one. It was completely user controlled by joysticks, and it picked up whatever small object you put in front of it. Armatron was made by TOMY and distributed by Radio Shack, and we'll never forget it.


Notice how so many of the toys that were considered high tech used "aliens" in the commercials to demonstrate just how futuristic they were. Ah, simpler times.

Teddy Ruxpin

The sweetest storytelling bear around. Teddy Ruxpin was there keep you company as a kid, but also to read to you.


He was the perfect friend, and we miss him.

Boom Box

The Boom Box was the techy-ist way to listen to music. People carried it around like it was some sort of mobile music machine — which it was.


The Boom Box was the beginning of portable music greatness. We've certainly come a long way.

The Clapper

This is a toy that all adults wanted (and to be honest, might still want). It was a matter of convenience to clap your hands twice and have your lights switch on or off. Sure, it was super glitchy and more frustrating than anything, but it was worth it.


And by the way, this 1984 commercial still airs on TV. It's clearly timeless.

Casio C-80 Calculator Watch

OK, so this one wasn't so much a toy as it was an awesome addition to your wrist. The watches were so high tech, the commercial featured "futuristic" aliens. Because obviously everyone thought humans would eventually sell material goods to aliens.


The calculator watch allowed you to do math any time, any place. It was basically the original Apple Watch, but with slightly less features.