Keep Your Backyard Mosquito-Free With These Devices

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Summer is all fun and games until the mosquitos come out. The tiny, blood-sucking insects really know how to ruin a good time. Not only do mosquitos leave itchy bites on your skin that get bigger and bigger the more you scratch them, but they can also be really dangerous (hello Zika and West Nile).


So unless you love misery, you probably care about keeping the little buggers as far away from you and your family as possible. That's where mosquito repellent devices come in handy.

Check out these devices that'll help keep the mosquitos (and other pesky insects) under control so you can focus on more important things this summer — like, anything other than mosquitos.

Stinger Cordless Insect Zapper Lantern

The Stinger Cordless Insect Zapper Lantern uses black UV light to attract and kill irritating airborne insects. It can kill up to 40% more insects than the average repellant.


The battery lasts up to three and a half hours, with a three hour recharge time. And the lantern covers up to 625 square feet of insect territory.

When you don't need to use it as a mosquito killer, you can use it as a regular LED lantern. The lantern comes in three colors: black, teal, and red. Buy it on Amazon for $60.


Zapplight Light Bulb

If you're looking for an unobtrusive solution to your mosquito problem, the Zapplight Light Bulb is it. The blue LED bulb fits into your existing decor, and some reviews say it doesn't even make the annoying zapping sound.

The bulb has a lower power consumption and is guaranteed to last up to 13 years. The only downside is that you'll have to clean out the dead insects every now and then. Purchase on Amazon for $9.


Flowtron Electronic Insect Killer

Covering up to a half an acre, the Flowtron Electronic Insect Killer is super effective. It uses high-intensity black light, along with a mosquito attraction cartridge to lure the insects in, then zaps them inside a non-clogging grid.

The lamp attracts large amounts of mosquitos, so it needs to be hung at least 25 feet away from where people will be hanging out. It also needs to be plugged in to work, so you might need to run an extension cord. Check it out on Amazon for $36.