MoleMapper App Can Help Detect Skin Cancer

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Regular visits to the dermatologist to check your moles are essential. Skin cancers can appear at any time, whether you've been in the sun or not. Unless you're consistently looking at your skin, skin cancers can develop without you knowing—sometimes until it's too late.


MoleMapper is an app that can help you detect skin cancer early, potentially saving your life. Using the camera on your smartphone, the app tracks moles and how they change and grow over time. You'll need to photograph and map your moles to zones on your body and monitor changes in the size of the moles relative to a coin. You can share the images with your medical team.

The app will remind you to re-check your moles regularly, which is how you'll know if there are any changes. Rapid growth or changes may indicate malignancy.


MoleMapper keeps track of the date and time you took the picture of each mole, and it'll tell you the size so you know if anything has changed since the last time you checked.

The app gives you the option to share your images with researchers at Oregon Health & Science University, which helps them better understand skin health and melanoma risks. They're working on developing new ways of evaluating moles and may eventually be able to tell you if you need to see a doctor or have a mole removed based on a smartphone picture.

Download MoleMapper for iOS here.