Weigh Yourself Without Worrying About the Number

People who own scales typically have a love-hate relationship with them. OK, it's mostly a hate-hate relationship, but that's usually because too much weight (pun intended) is put on the number. Human bodies have natural weight fluctuations, so the number your scale gives you isn't always an accurate representation of whether you've lost or gained weight.

Shapa is a new kind of scale that will help you make sustainable changes to your lifestyle without feeling discouraged about that number. It pairs via Bluetooth with iOS, Android, or Amazon Alexa. Each time you step on the scale (the recommended amount of times is twice a day, and it'll remind you to do it if you forget), the app records your weight without showing you the actual number.

Instead, it shows you how many days in a row you stepped on the scale. And instead of your weight, the app shows you your "Shapa Color." Blue means you're losing weight, green means you're holding steady, and gray means you've gained some pounds.

Shapa also provides you with "missions" to accomplish each day with the help of AI. You'll be told to do things like "Eat something green with every meal" or "Eat dinner with no distractions." It's up to you to tell app if you complete each mission. After a while, Shapa learns what works for you and what doesn't and will assign you missions that you've proved you can complete.

Purchase Shapa here for the sale price of $99 (regularly $129), plus a monthly subscription fee. Choose between cherry, oak, orange, and black.