Protect Your Smartphone From Cold Weather

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Temperatures are finally starting to rise after the recent bomb cyclone hit the east coast. But don't get too excited—it's still frigid in many parts of the country. Winter is just beginning. And while the snow might make for gorgeous photos, you may want to commit it to memory, depending on how cold it is outside.


Back in November, many iPhone X users reported their phones becoming unresponsive when exposed to frigid temperatures. Apple responded by promising to release a software update that would fix the issue.

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As it turns out, Apple isn't the only phone manufacturer to face such an issue. Most major phone companies admit that their devices work best in temperatures that aren't freezing. The collective suggestion is to turn off the phone and to head inside when temperatures hit the single digits, according to USA Today.


USA Today spoke to Roger Gurney, owner of Arctic Tech Solutions in Fairbanks, Alaska, who explained that the problem lies within the batteries. The lithium-ion batteries can stop discharging electricity when it is exposed to extremely cold elements, but should be fine once you take it inside to warm and charge the battery. Repeatedly exposing the phone to sub-zero temperatures, however, could cause more permanent damage.

Aside from keeping your phone out of the cold or turning it off completely (which isn't an option for many who live in extreme weather), your best bet is to keep the phone in your pocket where it'll receive some of your body heat and raise its temperature.

Or, you know, move to California. It's in the 70s over here, you guys.