What Do You Do When Your Phone Is Dropped in Milk?

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You can fix a milk-soaked cell phone.

Many people carry their cell phones everywhere with them, including the breakfast table where you could drop your device in your breakfast cereal. You can try to fix a wet cell phone after removing the battery and any other coverings.


Spray Milk Out Of Your Phone

To stop the milk from saturating the phone's inner workings, use a can of compressed air to force the milk out. Do this as soon as possible. Spray out the speakers, keys, microphone and battery compartment.

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Add An Absorbant

Place your phone in an absorbent material, such as cat litter or rice. Your cell phone will most likely still have milk inside of it, even though you can't see it. Leave it in the absorbent for a few days.




Your refrigerator keeps items fresh by cooling and drawing out moisture. If you've placed your phone into a bowl of rice or kitty litter, stick the bowl in the refrigerator.




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