How to Open an OtterBox for the iPhone

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How to Open an OtterBox for the iPhone
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The OtterBox Defender case for Apple's iPhone smartphone encases the phone in several layers of silicone and plastic to maximize protection from drops, scratches and other hazards. To put an iPhone in an OtterBox Defender case or to take an iPhone out, you can open the case by peeling off the silicone skin and separating the two halves of the plastic shell.


Step 1

Pull one corner of the rubber skin back and behind the plastic shell, and then work your way around the OtterBox until the rubber skin is removed completely from the plastic shell.

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Step 2

Open the two tabs on the left and right sides of your OtterBox shell.

Step 3

Open the tab on the top of your OtterBox shell, and then pull the back of the shell away from the front of the shell to open the OtterBox.





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