How to Open LG Phones

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By opening up your LG phone, you can gain access to some of the electrical components, which can aid in troubleshooting any hardware issues that your phone might be experiencing. Bear in mind that taking apart the phone can void the manufacturer's warranty, provided the device's warranty is still active. The procedure may vary slightly from phone to phone, but Torx screws are used on all the devices.


Step 1

Turn off your LG phone and remove the rear battery from the phone, exposing the SIM card.

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Step 2

Slide the SIM card out of its tray.

Step 3

Remove the screws that are exposed on the back of the phone using your Torx screwdrivers.


Step 4

Separate the front half of the phone from the back half after you have removed the screws at the rear of the phone.


Step 5

Remove any additional screws that secure the phone's circuit board to the internal housing by using your Torx screwdrivers to complete the disassembly procedure.

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