How to Unlock an LG Phone for Free

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If you've ever suffered the annoyance of a locked LG cell phone--a phone that is "locked" to a certain carrier's SIM card and can't be used with another carrier--you know what a great inconvenience it can be. In most cases, you can't even attempt to transfer your phone number to the locked phone, let alone use any of its components or features. Unlocking an LG phone also can be quite costly when you don't know how to do it yourself. Fortunately, there is a way to perform this action without having to contact customer service, go to your cell phone provider's local store or spend a dime.


Step 1

Access the LG unlock code list by clicking on the webpage listed under Resources.

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Step 2

When the page loads, it will display a long list of LG cell phone model names and numbers. Scroll through the list and locate your phone's model name and number and its accompanying code.


Step 3

Turn the phone off. Insert your phone's original SIM card. The SIM card slot on most LG cell phones can be found on either side of the phone or behind the phone's battery. Slide the card into the phone and close the compartment door.

Step 4

Power the phone back on. Once the phone has loaded successfully, you should see an indication on the screen. You will be prompted to enter your LG phone's unlock code.



Step 5

Once you have entered the unlock code, your phone will redirect to its network unlock/lock settings. This is where the phone will prompt you to enter the SP code. Use your phone's keypad to enter the code. The phone will automatically power off and back on once the code is accepted.



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