How to Unfreeze My LG Phone

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LG is a conglomerate company that manufactures electronics and telecommunication devices. Its cell phones are powered by rechargeable batteries. Like many personal electronics, the phone may have an occasional glitch where the it freezes or acts erratically. A quick restart or pull of the battery will "reset" its electrical components and fix a frozen device.


Step 1

Turn off the phone. Press the power button or the "End" call button to turn off the device. This usually will remedy the problem. However, if the phone stays frozen even after trying to restart the device, you will need to pull out the battery.

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Step 2

Turn the phone upside down, with the back cover facing you. The battery on LG phones is located in the back compartment. Apply a bit of pressure, and slide the back cover off. Lift the battery cover and lay it aside.


Step 3

Place a finger on the grooved part of the battery. Pull the battery out. The device will turn off. Wait a few seconds. Even though the battery is off, the electrical components can still hold an electric charge. Let residual electrical charges dissipate.


Step 4

Insert the battery back into the phone. Install the battery cover. Flip the phone over and press the power button or the "End" call button to turn on the LG phone.



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