How to Fix a BlackBerry Phone Battery That Won't Charge

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The BlackBerry smartphone is a popular multimedia-enabled device that provides email, SMS and Web access as well as organization applications, such as a contacts database and a calendar. The BlackBerry operating system includes a utility application that interacts with the phone's battery. The application shows the status of the battery on the device's screen. Occasionally, and particularly if the battery has completely run down, the application will not automatically reset and the battery will fail to charge when connected to the phone's charger. Performing a "Hard Reset" of the device will often correct this problem.


Step 1

Power down the BlackBerry device by pressing and holding the "End Call" button.


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Step 2

Turn the device over, with the backside up. Press the button near the bottom to release the back cover, then lift the back cover off of the BlackBerry.


Step 3

Remove the device's battery by using a small implement, such as a pen, and carefully inserting it into the space provided at the top left of the battery compartment. Then, lift the battery up and out. Allow the device to remain off for at least two full minutes. This action performs the "hard reset."


Step 4

Reinsert the battery and replace the back cover.


Step 5

Plug the device into the charger and charge the BlackBerry for at least 30 minutes. Do not attempt to power on the device and do not unplug the device from the charger during this time.


Step 6

Press and hold the "End Call" button to power on the device after 30 minutes, while leaving the device plugged in to the charger. If the battery is chargeable, the device will power on and the battery indicator on the home screen will show the device is charging. If the battery is not chargeable, the device will not power on.


Step 7

Purchase a new battery for the BlackBerry if the device does not power on after the hard reset procedure. The battery is most likely damaged and in need of replacement.