How to Activate a Verizon Asurion Phone

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Activate your Asurion-replaced Verizon phone.

Asurion is a technology protection company that services many cell phone providers such as Verizon. If Asurion covers you and your Verizon phone is lost, damaged or malfunctions, you can file a claim through Asurion to receive a replacement device. Before you can use your replacement phone, you will have to activate the device on the Verizon network.


Step 1

Power off your original phone (If applicable) and charge your replacement device.

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Step 2

Power on your replacement phone. Dial "*228" and press the "Send" button.

Step 3

Listen for the prompts. Press "1" to activate your device.


Step 4

Follow the prompts to enter your wireless number, last four digits of your Social Security number, account password and/or location code.


Step 5

Stay on the line and wait for the recording to state that your phone is active.




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