How to Reset Lithium-Ion Batteries

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Lithium-ion batteries are long-lasting, rechargeable and used in a variety of devices--including laptop computers and personal digital assistants (PDAs)--where disposable batteries would not be feasible. The batteries' cells are replenished in a special charger designed to protect the cells from overcharging. When a lithium-ion battery is allowed to totally discharge for a long period of time or the battery is losing its charge quickly, the lithium-ion battery needs resetting. Once reset, the battery is restored to its full capacity.


Step 1

Use the device containing the lithium-ion battery until the battery is completely discharged.

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Step 2

Plug the device's power cord into an electrical outlet. Plug the other end of the device's power cord into the device.


Step 3

Remove the lithium-ion battery from the device if the device has an external lithium-ion battery charger. Match up the metal contacts on the side of the lithium-ion battery with the metal contacts in the charger.

Step 4

Place the lithium-ion battery in the charger. Plug in the charger's power cord into an electrical outlet.



Step 5

Look for the "Charge" or "Power" light to illuminate on the device or battery charger.

Step 6

Let the lithium-ion battery fully charge until the "Charge" or "Power" light turns off.

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