How to Change the Battery in the Motorola Walkie Talkie

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Motorola manufactures several different types of two-way radios and walkie-talkies. There are many uses for these devices, and they are commonplace in many industries and organizations. Unfortunately, the battery life in many Motorola walkie-talkies is very short, requiring regular replacement of spent batteries.


Step 1

Hold the walkie-talkie with the display side facing your palm and slide the battery cover door down until you feel it release from the plastic locks. Lift the battery cover door off to expose the NiMH battery.

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Step 2

Remove the spent NiMH battery by lifting up on one of the edges until it is free from the walkie-talkie housing.


Step 3

Insert a new NiMH battery with the small metal contact points facing down. Be sure to align the battery properly so that the metal contact points match up with the small metal prongs inside the battery compartment. If the red "Stop" sign is visible when inserting the battery, it is upside down and must be turned over to be properly installed.

Step 4

Place the battery cover door back onto the walkie-talkie and slide it up until you feel it lock into the proper position.

Things You'll Need

  • Motorola walkie-talkie

  • NiMH battery


Do not hold the Motorola walkie-talkie by the antenna when trying to remove the battery cover door. The antenna is not designed to withstand the pressure required to unhook the battery cover door, and this could result in damage to the walkie-talkie.

If the spent NiMH battery is no longer usable and cannot be recharged, be sure to dispose of it properly to avoid contamination or injury. Check with your local waste management department for instructions on how to dispose of used batteries.