What Is the Best Way to Store Alkaline Batteries?

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What Is the Best Way to Store Alkaline Batteries?

Kids cry during the holidays because their new toys don't work without batteries. Your digital camera becomes an empty, useless object when batteries run out. Alkaline batteries run out quickly in digital cameras, but can last for years in a TV remote. When the moment comes that you need a battery, you want it immediately. That is why people stock up and store alkaline batteries at home. They are not cheap, and how you store them could make a difference on their life span.


Step 1

Keep your batteries out of the refrigerator and freezer. Many people believe the myth that batteries last longer when stored in the refrigerator. But according to Energizer, a leading battery company, the cold could harm your batteries.

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Step 2

Store batteries in a cool place. A cool place--not a cold place. Alkaline batteries should be stored at normal room temperature, around 70 degrees F.


Step 3

Note the humidity in your storage area. Alkaline batteries last longer if they are kept in moderate conditions, about 50 percent relative humidity.

Step 4

Clean the negative and positive ends of the batteries with a rag or a clean pencil eraser.



Step 5

Place batteries in a container. Do not put loose batteries in a purse or pocket. If they rub up against change or other metal objects, the batteries can short circuit and even leak.

Step 6

Keep batteries out of the heat. Even in storage, batteries lose their charge faster in the heat. For example, they could lose 25 percent of the charge each year if kept in 100-degree heat.




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