How to Save a Wet Cell Phone or Camera Battery

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Once your cell phone gets wet, you may suddenly find yourself cut off from outside communication. A wet camera battery leads to your family vacation being commemorated in your mind's eye. A slip of the hand can lead to a wet cell phone in seconds. Unfortunately the warranty on cell phones does not cover water damage. Although most cell phone insurance plans do cover water damage, you still have to pay the deductible.


Step 1

Remove the cell phone or camera from the water without delay. Take the battery out and dry with cloth. Dry the SIM card and any accessories as well.

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Step 2

Dry the rest of the cell phone or camera with cloth. Water may seep out for a bit, dry thoroughly and carefully. A can of compressed air can also be useful.

Step 3

Place the battery, cell phone with accessories and silicone packets into one of the plastic bags. Do not seal the bag.

Step 4

Place a few handfuls of rice into the second plastic bag. Rice absorbs moisture the same way the silicon packets do.



Step 5

Place the bag with the battery, cell phone and packets into the bag of rice. You want to avoid placing the battery and cell phone into the rice directly because the dust from the rice can get into the small areas of the phone and camera and do its own damage. Do not seal either bag.

Step 6

Place the bags on a warm surface that is not too hot, such as the top of the refrigerator. Wait at least 12 to 24 hours before using the cell phone or battery.

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