Universal Battery Charger Instructions

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Avoid overcharging your batteries.

A universal battery charger can be used to charge all different types of batteries, including those used in cell phones. Simply attach the battery and plug the universal battery charger into the wall to begin charging. Chargers even can work in your car. Operation is simple, but you will need to understand how to fit the charger to the battery of your device. Once you figure it out, this handy device can handle all of your charging needs.


Step 1

Plug the adapter into the wall. Connect the plug to the charger. The red light should now be lit, indicating the charger is on.

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Step 2

Take out the clear insert. Adjust the charger prongs to match the polarities of the contacts on the battery.


Step 3

Insert the battery. Lay it either vertically or horizontally to match the contacts on the charger.

Step 4

Release the part of the charger that moves. This will lock the battery in place.



Step 5

Notice that the green light is flashing. This indicates that the battery is charging. When the green light glows continuously, the battery is fully charged.




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