How to Use Wingdings in Excel

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Wingdings is a symbolic font and is similar to Webdings. Microsoft Wingdings was released in 1992 and there are three versions of it: Wingdings, Wingdings 2 and Wingdings 3. The Wingdings fonts include small graphics of hand signals, arrows and check marks among others. To insert a Wingdings character in Excel, you must first format the cell to the Wingdings font, then select the symbol from Windows' character map and copy and paste it back into the cell.


Step 1

Open the Excel table and select the font drop-down menu from the ribbon. Select the version of Wingdings that contains the character you would like to use. Now the cell is formatted to accept Wingdings symbols.

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Step 2

Click on the Windows orb button (in Windows 7). In the search bar at the bottom of the menu, type "character map" and then press enter. Click on "character map" in the results above. If using an older version of Windows, click "Start," "Program" then "Accessories" to open the character map.


Step 3

Select Wingdings from the font drop-down menu and scroll through the characters to find the one you need. Once you find it, double-click to move it to the "Characters to copy" box. Click "Copy."


Step 4

Right-click on the cell in the Excel spreadsheet and select "Paste" to input the character.




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