How to Get a Flag Symbol in Word's Wingding Font

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Wingdings is a dingbat font available on the Windows operating system. You can use this font to easily add various symbols, such as smiley faces, arrows or zodiac signs, to your Microsoft Word documents. Among the symbols available in this font are two flags: one rectangular and one triangular. Both flags are attached to a flag pole and appear to be rippling in the wind; the outline of the triangular flag is thicker than the outline of the rectangular one.


Step 1

Launch Microsoft Word and open the document into which you want to insert a flag symbol.

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Step 2

Change the font to Wingdings using the Font drop-down menu in the Home tab.

Step 3

Type a capital "O" to obtain a rectangular flag attached to a rounded flag pole.


Step 4

Type a capital "P" to obtain a triangular flag attached to a pointed flag pole.



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