How to Create a Superscript Symbol on a Keyboard

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Learn to use your keyboard effectively to work more quickly on the computer.

Hot keys, also known as keyboard shortcuts, are an efficient way to make navigation on a computer simpler and quicker. You can use keyboard shortcuts in place of using your mouse and clicking on the desired action. Various keyboard shortcuts exist that you can use to perform actions and create symbols, such as superscripts. Word-processing programs, such as Microsoft Word, allow you to use a keyboard shortcut to create a superscript.


Step 1

Hold down the "Ctrl" key, along with the "Shift" key on a PC. Hold down the "Cmd" and "Shift" keys simultaneously on a Mac.

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Step 2

Press on the "+/=" key on your keyboard while holding down the previous two keys. Your blinking cursor will get smaller, and anything you type will be in superscript.


Step 3

Return to the regular font size by repeating the key combination.




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