How to Add Greek Symbols to Excel

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Creating an Excel spreadsheet may be somewhat forthright, you basically just open the software and start typing into the cells. However, when you require special characters such as Greek lettering, it can become slightly more complicated. Take advantage of Microsoft Excel's built-in Greek alphabet and symbols, whereby you can add these characters instantly to your spreadsheet.


Step 1

Start Microsoft Excel. Type the non-Greek characters required for your spreadsheet, if applicable.

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Step 2

Click the "Insert" tab (in the "Text" group) at the top of the screen. Click the "Symbol" button on the right side. The symbol is represented by the Greek letter omega.


Step 3

Click the "Subset" drop-down menu and select "Greek Extended." The Greek alphabet appears in the main portion of the window.

Step 4

Scroll to and double-click a symbol to add it to the cell in the spreadsheet. You do not have to click "Insert." To see the symbols added, drag the "Symbol" window to the side so you can see both it and the cells.



Step 5

Continue double-clicking Greek symbols until complete. Click "Close" to close the "Symbol" window and return to the spreadsheet.



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