How to Add Text in an Excel Spreadsheet Cell

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Part of the Microsoft Office package, Microsoft Excel allows you to create spreadsheets. This program is extremely valuable for those keeping track of banking numbers and other data for businesses or even tax purposes. Excel spreadsheets allow you to add text as well as numbers into cells. Although you won't use text as often, it is helpful when naming a cell or when stating "n/a" for a certain figure.


Step 1

Open Microsoft Excel and load the spreadsheet you want to add text to. Click "File," followed by "Open" then select the document from the search window.

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Step 2

Hover your mouse over the spreadsheet cell you want to add text to. You mouse cursor becomes a "+" symbol as you hold it there.


Step 3

Click the cell and a blinking cursor line appears. Type in your text. If the text is too long you can take your mouse and click on the edge of the cell, then drag the edge to the right. This increases the size of the entire column of cells.


Step 4

Save the changes to your spreadsheet by clicking "File" then "Save." Type in a title, select the save location then click "OK" to save the document.




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