How Do I Make a Cross With a Font?

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In the Microsoft Office applications Word, Outlook and Excel, you can add a cross (†) easily. It is only a matter of inserting this character into your document, email or spreadsheet from the application's banner.


Inserting a Cross

Place your cursor where you want the cross to appear. Click on the "Insert" tab in your application, then click on "Symbol" at the far right. When this submenu opens, click on "More Symbols." Scroll through the choices until you find the cross in that particular font. (Alternatively, type the character code "2020" into the character code box to go directly to the cross.) Click "Insert" and the cross appears in your document, email or spreadsheet. Click "Close."


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All of the fonts listed in the Word, Outlook and Excel have the cross character. These include popular fonts like Calibri, Times New Roman, Garamond and Eras. Finding the cross is easiest if you type in the character code. If you download new fonts like Jasmine Reminiscentse and Lakesight from free font websites, those also have the cross symbol.



Microsoft calls the cross (†) a "dagger."


Don't mistake a plus sign (+) for a cross (†).

The "Wingdings 2" characters listed in the fonts window have the cross too but the character code is "133."




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