How to Type Squared in Outlook

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Sending an Outlook email message doesn't prevent you from formatting numbers properly, whether you're trying to convey a mathematical statement or just emailing friends on how you like something so much that it's "squared." Typing the squared symbol in Microsoft Outlook requires superscript, the typographical style where the number is smaller than, and raised above, the text it modifies. Outlook's superscripting is similar to its other Microsoft Office Suite partners' techniques and requires just a few clicks.


Step 1

Open Microsoft Outlook. Click the "New E-mail" button on the left side of the ribbon at the top of the screen. If the button isn't visible, click the "Mail" link in the bottom-left corner of the workspace.

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Step 2

Click into the body of the email, the large blank box. Type the word or character to square, such as a number.


Step 3

Type the number "2" to the right of the character to square.

Step 4

Highlight the "2." Right-click the highlight. Select "Font."


Step 5

Click a check into the "Superscript" box. Click the "OK" button and the square symbol is now in place.

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