How to Highlight Text in Gmail

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Google's free email client, Gmail, enables users to customize the text of emails they're composing. One such option offers the ability to highlight text with an entire pallet of potential background colors. Use this feature to highlight important parts, or organize sections of a longer email by color.


Text Background Color

While composing a new email or replying to a previous email, click the "Formatting Options" button, symbolized by an underlined, uppercase "A." Click the Text Color button, which also features an uppercase, underlined "A.". Under the Background Color section, choose your color. The text you type will now be highlighted in your chosen color.


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Highlighting for Copy and Paste

To highlight text in an email, so you can copy and paste it elsewhere, hold your mouse button down while dragging across the desired text to highlight it, then right-click and select "Copy." Navigate to where you want to paste your selection before right-clicking again, this time selecting "Paste."




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