How to Use a Car Charger in the House

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A car charger is equipped with a connector that fits inside of your 12-volt cigarette lighter receptacle in your vehicle, and does not come with a two- or three-pronged plug traditionally used in a standard power outlet. If you don't want to pay the sometimes high cost of a new home or travel charger, you can use your car charger in the house using a power adapter. The adapter is generally a more cost-effective option to purchasing a new charger.


Step 1

Connect a car charger to wall charger adapter to a power outlet in your home. The adapter contains a circular slot that fits the car charger connector.

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Step 2

Insert your car charger connector into the slot and wait for the power light to come on, indicating that it's ready to charge.

Step 3

Connect the car charger to your cell phone or MP3 player as usual and wait for it to finish charging.


Unplug the car charger to wall charger adapter from the power outlet when not in use to save energy.