How to Remove a Stuck Alkaline Battery

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Remove a stuck alkaline battery

Alkaline batteries are the basic power source for numerous devices, but battery power does not last forever. When you have to change alkaline batteries, the batteries can, over time, become stuck in the devices they service. If you need to remove a stuck alkaline battery, the key is to pop the battery back into alignment against its spring.


Step 1

Open the battery compartment of the device from which you want to remove a stuck alkaline battery.

Step 2

Wedge a butter knife between the stuck alkaline battery and the side of the device.

Step 3

Press left or right with the knife while also pushing downward a bit to cause the battery to align against the spring and spring forth from the device.

Things You'll Need

  • Battery-powered device

  • Butter knife


The effort required to remove a stuck alkaline battery varies depending on the degree to which the battery is stuck and the type of device in which it is stuck.


If the alkaline battery that is stuck has leaked or exploded within the device, do not attempt to remove it. Dispose of the device so that you don’t incur chemical burns from the damaged battery.