How to Reset the Parrot Minikit

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The Parrot Minikit is a handy Bluetooth device that attaches to your car's sun visor. This device is particularly helpful for vehicles that do not have a built-in Bluetooth feature. Pairing the Parrot Minikit with your cell phone allows you to have hands-free conversation. In addition to being convenient, hands-free is ideal for safe driving. The Parrot Minikit has a mechanical reset button that you can use to reset the device.


Step 1

Turn your Parrot Minikit over to view the back cover. Locate the small button on the back. This is the "Reset" button.

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Step 2

Locate an object to push the button with. Ideally, you will use a paper clip. Straighten out one end of it to push it against the Parrot's "Reset" button.

Step 3

Push the paper clip against the button. Hold it in place for about five seconds. Your Parrot Minikit will now reset.