How to Use a Cell Phone to Jam Signals

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Jam signals with a cell phone jamming device.

If your cell phone contains a Global Positioning System (GPS) feature, it can be used to track you and hone in on your location. A phone with GPS is constantly giving off its location, not just when you use the GPS feature or contact emergency services. To hide your location and stop this transmission, utilize a cell phone accessory known as a cell phone jammer.


Step 1

Purchase a cell phone jammer, which will stop your cell phone from sending and receiving signals. Top-of-the-line jammers block out cell phones in an estimated 100-foot radius from sending signals to a cell phone tower. More modest jamming devices cover a 15-foot radius.

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Step 2

Jam the signal by turning the device on. Some jamming devices utilize a flip feature, while with others you just click a button. The jamming device is about the same size or a little smaller than a standard cell phone. Also, ensure that the jamming device is close by to your cell phone for it to work properly.



Step 3

Turn off the jammer when you are done using it. This is important because there is the potential to jam and interfere with other radio signals in immediate area.



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