How to Turn on a Kyocera Phone

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Learning to use your Kyocera phone starts with powering it on.

Kyocera Communications makes a variety of wireless phones that are designed to work on several different wireless networks. Phones range from the very basic to the feature-rich, and learning to use your new Kyocera can take time. Before you sit down to read your instruction manual, try navigating through the phone yourself. Once you've inserted the battery and charged it fully, turn the device on. This will allow your Kyocera phone to acquire a wireless network signal so you can start making and receiving phone calls.


Step 1

Locate the "End" button on your device. This is usually located on the right side, opposite the "Call" or "Send" key. In most instances, the button will be red.

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Step 2

Press and hold the key for a few seconds, until your phone's display lights up. Release the button and allow the device to power on.


Step 3

Plug the phone in to a power source if it immediately powers down or does not power on at all. This usually indicates a dead battery.



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