How to Fix a Cell Phone Screen If it Went Blank

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Exposure to liquid is a very common source of display problems.

A cellular phone's display screen can suddenly stop working. Fortunately, this does not usually mean that it is broken. You can often bring it back to life by following a few easy steps.


Step 1

Turn the device off and back on. If the problem is related to a software glitch, this may resolve it. To do this, hold down the red "End Call" button for a few seconds until the phone shuts off. If this does not work, refer to your user manual as the power key may differ depending on your model of device. Once the phone is off, hold the key in again until it powers on to see if the display is again working.


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Step 2

Reset the device if possible. Some phones have an option to perform a Master Reset using a combination of physical keys rather than maneuvering through the software. Refer to your user manual to see if your device is capable of this. This type of reset reverts the operating system back to its original configuration and resolves any screen issues that may be related to software bugs.


Step 3

Remove the battery while the device is on. This forcibly causes the phone to dump its temporary memory, which may be harboring the software problem causing the display not to function. Put the battery back in and power up the device.

Step 4

If these steps did not resolve the problem, circuits in the keypad may have burned out and the device will need to be repaired or exchanged.Call your cellular carrier.

Things You'll Need

  • User guide for your cell phone

  • Carrier contact number


Be sure to keep your phone away from liquids or sources of extreme moisture. Be mindful of your device around swimming pools, when laying it on a table near a beverage that could be spilled, or having it in your pocket on a hot or rainy day. Moisture can short out internal circuits and cause your display to stop working without warning.


Performing a master reset will result in any customizations you've made (such as ring tone settings, color schemes, and wallpapers) to be lost. You will need to set these options again once your display is working.