How to Program a Living Solutions Universal Remote

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You can customize a Living Solutions Universal Remote.

The Living Solutions Universal Remote is a jumbo remote with large buttons for people who can't see well or have finger or hand problems. Because this is a universal remote control, it's able to control DVD players, stereos, VCRs and other electronic components.


Step 1

Turn on the component you wish to sync to your universal remote, such as a television, DVD player, VCR or stereo.

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Step 2

Point the remote at the device you are programming and press the corresponding device button on the remote. These buttons are labeled "TV," "VCR", "DVD," etc. Hold the device button for three to five seconds.


Step 3

Push the power button on the remote. This should turn on the device that you are syncing.

Step 4

Push the "Channel Up" or "Channel Down" button on your remote gradually until the device that you are programming shuts off.



Step 5

Press "OK" or "Enter" on the remote once the synced device turns off.

Step 6

Press the device button for the component you just programmed, and hit the power button while pointing the remote at the component. If programmed correctly, the device should turn on, and you should be able to control it with your Living Solutions Universal Remote.

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