How to Remove a Camera From a Cell Phone

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Cell phones are a wonderland of electronic parts for gadget enthusiasts, weekend tinkerers, techno-junkers, or just someone who has a profound need to know how things work. One of the marvels of modern cellular technology is the inclusion of digital camera lenses capable of taking high-resolution photographs and capturing video, all without exceeding the size of a small button. Useful in literally thousands of robotics and other hobby projects, the camera lens is tough to remove, but can be done with a little friendly guidance and some tools.


Step 1

Ensure you don't touch any internal components unless absolutely necessary during this entire procedure. Ensure your hands are clean before beginning.

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Step 2

Remove the back plate from the phone, take out the battery and set it aside. At this time you should also remove any SIM cards, SD cards, holding trays, or other readily removable hardware, as it pertains to your individual phone.


Step 3

Unscrew all visible screws that have been exposed by removing the back cover, and set them aside for later reassembly. Remove the external rear half of the phone's body, as well as the antenna, exposing the internal workings of the phone. Pay attention to how the antenna came out, as it will only reinsert a certain way correctly.


Step 4

Locate your phone's camera module underneath where the external lens was. It should be underneath a metal or plastic cover, which you can remove by unscrewing all screws holding it in place. Set the cover aside for later, along with its screws.


Step 5

Use the tweezers to gently pry the camera module out of its component mounting. This can be best accomplished by prying up one side a little bit, and then doing the same to the opposite side.


Step 6

Once the camera is free of its mounting, unplug the ribbon cable that attaches it to the phone's main circuit board, and your camera is officially detached. Carefully replace all removed screws and pieces in reverse order, and your phone is complete, sans camera!




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