How to Get a Jammed SIM Card Out

Since SIM cards are so small, once they get stuck, they can be really hard to get out. More important than unjamming your SIM card is making sure you do so while keeping your phone in good working condition. If your SIM card is simply placed underneath your battery, you should be able to remove it easily, but if your SIM card is inserted into a slot, it's a lot easier for it to get jammed. You should be able to save your SIM card by being delicate in the removal process.

Removing a jammed SIM card can be a pain in the neck.

Step 1

Save any information from your SIM card onto your phone. If you can still use your phone, transfer any info from your SIM card to your phone just in case your SIM card is unusable after you remove it. To do this, just go to the folder or file you want to save to your phone, open your "Options," and then choose to save it to your phone. It's likely that you phone won't work if your SIM card is jammed, however.

Step 2

Shut your cell phone off, take off the back cover and remove the battery. You want the inside of your cell phone to be as accessible as possible.

Step 3

Locate your SIM card slot and try to find where it is jammed. If you can't find the exact location, don't worry, but it's helpful to know exactly where it is getting stuck.

Step 4

Bend your paper clip to the position you need and try to push your SIM card out of the slot. Push the paper clip in through the back opening for the SIM card slot and push. If the paper clip doesn't fit, try using the sewing needle. The goal is to get the SIM card to stick out a little.

Step 5

Grab the front of the SIM card with your needle nose pliers while you're pushing it from the back with your paperclip. The reason you need needle nose pliers is because most tweezers won't have a strong enough grip for such a small item. Try not to squeeze the pliers so hard as to damage the SIM card.

Step 6

Wiggle and pull the pliers gently until your SIM card comes out. Try to delicately wiggle it out of place. Don't violently yank it.

Things You'll Need

  • Paperclip

  • Sewing needle

  • Needle nose pliers


If you feel like you're going to damage your phone, it's best to bring it to a store or send it to the manufacturer. You may have a warranty to get a new phone. But once you start messing around with it, you can kiss that refund goodbye.

If you damage your SIM card in the removal process, you can request a new one from your cell phone service provider free of charge.