How to Remove a Stuck Memory Card

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Memory cards will often get stuck if they are damaged.

Memory cards come in a wide array of shapes and sizes. While most computers have slots designed to accommodate these different types of cards, some machines have as many as seven different slots. Slipping a memory card into the wrong slot or using an incorrect adapter is not uncommon and will result in a stuck card. Fortunately, retrieving a stuck card is not usually complicated task.


Step 1

Turn your computer off and unplug it. Never work on any electronic device while it is still powered up.

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Step 2

Make sure the card is truly stuck. Some machines have a mechanism built in to keep the cards from falling out. Look for any buttons or pinholes next to the slot. If you find a button; press it. If you find a pinhole, use a paperclip to gently press in on it. If you find neither, try gently pushing the back of the card to release the mechanism.


Step 3

Use the flashlight to determine the position and location of the stuck card.

Step 4

Use a pair of needle-nose pliers to gently grab the chip. Using steady, mild pressure pull straight back making sure not to pull at an angle. Do not squeeze too hard or you'll risk damaging the chip casing.



Step 5

Use a small flathead screwdriver if the card is too far in to get tweezers around it. If you can still see the top of the card, use the screwdriver to gently lift it up to a point at which you can reach it with tweezers.

Step 6

Check the card over once you have retrieved it to make sure all the parts are accounted for. Check for the gold colored prongs, and look for any obvious cracks or damage.

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