How to Fix Dents on Your iPhone

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iPhones come in a variety of colors.
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You carry your iPhone almost everywhere with you, and that leaves the smooth body of the phone susceptible to damage. Dents and dings in the metal backing are especially possible if you leave it unprotected in your pocket or purse with other hard or sharp objects. However, there's no reason to rush out and get a new phone if a few dents do show up. You can pop out dents and leave the surface smooth once again.


Step 1

Turn off the iPhone. This prevents any damage to the phone and potential harm to yourself.

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Step 2

Unscrew the two screws on the top and bottom edges of the iPhone with a small screwdriver. Slide the dented metal back casing about a quarter of an inch. Pull the case from the phone and place it to the side with the screws in a safe place.


Step 3

Wrap a towel or rag around the case. This protects it from further damage while removing the dents that already exist.

Step 4

Place the case on a flat surface with the high parts of the dents facing upward.


Step 5

Tap the dented areas with the hammer until they are flush with the rest of the case surface. Start gently at first and increase the intensity of each tap as needed. Too much force will create more dents in the opposite direction.


Step 6

Remove the towel or rag from the case and examine the surface for any remaining dents. Repeat the covering and hammering process until all of the dents are gone and the surface of the case is smooth.


Step 7

Replace the case on the back of the iPhone and slide it into place until you hear a clicking noise. Insert and screw in each of the two screws on the top and bottom edges of the phone. You can now turn on the iPhone once again.

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