How to Put an OtterBox on an iPhone

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OtterBox Defender cases for Apple iPhones are known for their durability and the extreme protection they provide to the enclosed device. The OtterBox Defender covers the iPhone from top to bottom and includes a built-in screen protector. Putting an iPhone in an OtterBox involves separating the layers of the case and then putting them back together with the iPhone inside. Once an OtterBox is on your iPhone, you should not need to remove the case very often.


Step 1

Push the tab on the OtterBox's holster and then pull the OtterBox out of the holster.

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Step 2

Lift the silicone from one corner of your OtterBox and work your way around the case until the silicone is completely separated from the shell.

Step 3

Unhook each of the three clips that hold the two halves of the shell together. The clips are located on the left side, the right side and the top of your case.

Step 4

Insert the bottom of your iPhone into the front half of the OtterBox shell with the iPhone's screen facing the screen-protector.



Step 5

Snap the two halves of the shell back together so that the phone is encased in the OtterBox and the three clips are holding the two halves together.

Step 6

Insert the bottom of the shell into the hole in the front of the silicone and pull the top of the silicone over the top of the shell.

Step 7

Tuck the silicone tabs into the corresponding slots to secure the silicone.

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