Intel's Drones Set a World Record at the Winter Olympics

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The XXIII Olympic Winter Games Opening Ceremony in Pyeongchang, South Korea set a world record. OK, two world records—the first being the record for lowest temperatures in Olympic history (but no one seemed super pumped about that one), and the second being the most drones to simultaneously light up a sky.

A record-setting 1,218 unmanned drones flew over the Opening Ceremony as people all over the world watched in amazement. People couldn't figure out if what they were seeing was actually happening in real life. Well, it was. Sort of.

The light show was mostly pre-recorded, but 300 of them performed live as they formed the shape of the Olympic rings.

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Each of Intel's Shooting Star drones weigh a little over half a pound and are equipped with LED lights that can create more than 4 billion color combinations.

The drones wowed crowds at the 2018 Super Bowl as they flew in the shape of the American Flag, as well as in the shape of the Wonder Woman logo at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles last year. And they're continuing to make appearances throughout the medal ceremonies at the Winter Olympics.

Now that's impressive.