The Lobster Emoji Is Being Redesigned Thanks to People in Maine

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Later this year, 157 new emoji are being released into the great big digital world. The Unicode Consortium released the proposed images of all the new emoji earlier this month, but there was one problem (or rather two problems)—the lobster emoji only had eight legs.


If you aren't familiar with the leg count on lobsters, the anatomically correct number of legs is 10, not eight. Naturally, the good people of Maine (the state known for its lobster) lost their damn minds.

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The crustacean-loving citizens of New England tweeted their sincere grievances about the mistake


The Unicode Consortium heard them loud and clear, and Emojipedia tweeted the important change:

Moral of the story: We all have the power to change the world—one tweet at a time. Also, lobsters have 10 legs.