Clever Pranks to Play on Your Loved Ones' Devices

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It doesn't need to be April Fool's Day to play hilarious pranks on your nearest and dearest. Pranks are fun year-round, especially ones that involve phones and computers. Because we all know that when something goes wrong with a beloved device, it's basically the end of the world.


Here are some hilarious pranks to play on the people you love most, because why not?

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Create an autocorrect entry

If you have access to the iPhone belonging to the person you'd like to prank, change the autocorrect dictionary to something ridiculous. For example, change "Hi" to "I have the biggest crush on Paul Giamatti." Or change "On my way" to the lyrics to "My Heart Will Go On"—the theme song from Titanic. Or switch "LOL" to "I don't get it."


Go to General Settings > Keyboard > Add New Shortcut. The possibilities are endless.

Switch a contact name

Grab a friend's phone and switch their significant other's phone number to their parent's number (although that could get a little dicey), or switch their best friend's number to a local gym. And then stick around to watch what happens.


Set the desktop image to an image of the desktop

Confuse someone by taking a screenshot of their desktop, move all the documents and folders from their desktop to a new folder, then set the image as their wallpaper. Watch as they try clicking on folders and documents to no avail.


Or another option is to take a screenshot of their desktop, set it as the wallpaper, move icons around, and take another screenshot. Repeat until the desktop is cluttered. Only a few icons will actually work, which will be about the time you'll want to high five yourself.

Flip the computer display upside down

A simple way to pull of a great prank: flip the computer display upside down.


Windows users: Right click on the desktop > Display Settings, and change the screen orientation. Or Hit CTRL + ALT + Up Arrow and your desktop.

Mac users: Hold the Command + Option keys simultaneously and go to System Preferences. While still holding the keys, click Display. A new menu called Rotation should appear where you can flip the display to different angles, as well as undo it.


Switch the keyboard layout to DVORAK

Most people don't realize the keyboard layout can be switched from QWERTY to DVORAK, so by switching it up for someone, you're pretty much just providing them with a public service announcement.


Windows users: Click here for instructions.

Mac users: Go to System Preferences > Language & Region > Keyboard Preference > Input Sources, then click the Add button and choose the DVORAK layout (or choose from lots of different layouts and languages). They'll be so confused, and it'll be perfect.