The Sony Walkman Is 40 Years Old, Woah

The Sony Walkman changed the way people listened to music. It was the first affordable portable cassette player that allowed people to privately listen to music wherever they wanted.

The Walkman entered our world on July 1, 1979, making it officially 40 years old as of Monday. Feel old yet? Yeah, same.

Of course, there was also the Walkman II and the Discman, both equally as cool and important as their predecessor.

The demise of the Walkman came shortly after MP3 players came about, and specifically when Apple introduced the iPod in 2001, giving music lovers the ability to digitize their music instead of relying on cassette tapes and CDs. But it lives on in our hearts forever.

At least, in the hearts of those of us who know how to work a cassette tape.